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Hello and welcome to Recipe Zone Forum!

Let me introduce myself, my name is Pauline and I have had a passion for cooking and baking for near as long as I can remember, and my vast recipe collection can attest to that! Born an only child, the third generation of a large, ever growing family of Italian-Americans, I have always found food as a way of connecting with friends and loved ones.

Sadly, all of the first generation has now passed on and the second has dwindled down to a small handful as the rest of the family has moved on to other parts of the globe, but what has remained constant are the memories, stories and recipes that have been handed down  through the years. I can hardly recall a family story where some form of food wasn’t present, whether it was an elaborate celebration or a simple gathering, food has always played a part in my family’s life story.

Today I still continue to cherish all those fond memories and carry on the old family recipes as I share them with new family members and friends. That is why I have created RecipeZoneForum.com so that others, like myself, can have a place to meet people from all over with the same passion for food and share treasured memories and recipes and forge new friendships. I enjoy talking with others about different foods, recipes and entertaining ideas and find great inspiration in the smallest of details.

I hope everyone who visits this site will join the forum and add to our expanding online family. This site grows with the participation of it's forum members and visitors with lots of space waiting to be filled with one of your treasured memories. I look forward to watching RecipeZoneForum.com grow and evolve with it's members and making this not just another recipe website but a family gathering place we all can enjoy.

A few notes about RecipeZoneForum.com:

This website is provided to all its visitors and members free of charge and will continue to do so. The website store and ads located on select pages of the site are used to offer information and products that may be of interest to you. These are used as tools to help maintain RecipeZoneForum.com and hopefully allow it to grow with it's members. As revenue from these sources increase we can offer more forum space & an updated live chat client as well as member blogs and galleries. RecipeZoneForum.com also has a Donate Button located throughout the site and gifts of any size are greatly appreciated.

Recipe Submission:

We are actively taking recipe submissions from anyone wanting to contribute to the recipe collection. You can find a recipe submission form located on the Contact page or you can email your recipe directly to ContactRZF@RecipeZoneForum.com along with your first name and location so that we may post credit for the submission.